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Debit Cards

What is a Debit Card?

A debit card is a personal money document that is issued by a credit organization. It confirms the existence of an account in that credit organization.

Debit cards are often made by banks on the plastic of international payment systems like VISA or MasterCard. It gives clients the possibility to use these in any country of the world.

A debit card in contrast to a credit card is pre-paid. It means that you should have money on deposit in the bank account in order to use this card.
A debit card is convenient for those who keep cash assets in their bank account, receive a salary via a cashless transfer, prefer cashless forms of payment for goods and services. The owners of the debit cards can pay on account for purchased goods and received services. Actually the institution that issued the card performs the transfer of funds from the owner's account to the account of payment recipient.

A debit card is absolutely indispensable for traveling when you need to book a hotel room or lease a car.

After a client reports to the appropriate organization the loss or theft of his debit card he does not bear the responsibility for its illegal usage. If the owner is abroad and he is unable to report the lost card to the bank then he can always contact one of the payment system's service centers.

Due to the special conditions of debit card usage the bank does not pay interest on the balance in the bank account of the debit card. The bank can offer other forms of the capital accumulation through bank deposits.

The advantage of debit cards is that they are protected from non-electronic usage in imprint-terminals. Transactions with the ICICI debit card can be done only through electronic facilities - point-of-sale, POS-terminal, ATM.

Debit cards are easy-to-use

As an instrument for cashless payments, debit cards are very convenient and especially easy-to-use on the road. Most foreign banks allow you to withdraw cash from your account using debit cards from such payment systems like VISA and MasterCard. The same debit cards are accepted for payment practically in all shopping centers of Europe, Asia and the American continents.

The advantages of the ICICI Bank debit cards

Welcome to the world of advantages with your "ICICI Bank Eurasia" debit card. Expand the freedom of your financial possibilities and enjoy a wide range of services and ease-of-use of the "ICICI Bank Eurasia" debit card.

The ability to receive cash from more than one million ATM's with the VISA logo all over the world including 20,000 ATM's in Russia  

The ability to pay for goods and services in more than 25 million trading and service enterprises all over the world including 25,000 trading and service enterprises all over Russia  
Special rates for taking cash in more than 2,200 ATM's and 550 offices of ICICI Bank Limited all over the world  
The annual service price of the Gold Card is only 1500 rubles  
A supplementary card is issued free of charge for the entire term of the main card  
Twenty-four-hour service by telephone in Moscow +7 (495) 232-37-23 and +7 (812) 718 68 58 in Saint Petersburg  


Company Elecsnet and Visa International announced the opening of a new service to all cardholders of Visa. On September 1, 2005 you can replenish cards Visa, issued by any bank in Russia, through a network of terminals "Instant Payment" - quickly and conveniently.

Now there is no need to attend a special branch of the bank to replenish your card VISA. Terminals "Instant Payment" You can not just refill your account debit card, VISA, and arrears on any credit card VISA.

You have round the clock access to a large number of terminals Elecsnet in Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

Lack of queues and convenient for the operation of replenishment cards will save you time.

The system of instant payment services "Elecsnet" (

Directory Services telephone customer support Visa
The site Visa you can choose any country and block your card by the toll-free phone in that country.

If desired your country is not listed, or if you have trouble dialing a number, use the following numbers: +1 (410) 5819994 or +1 (410) 5813836 (these numbers are possible calls by the called party). If the country in the list is marked with an asterisk *, it means that the dial will have to wait a second dial tone.


  • Write down the phone service customer support Visa of the country in which you are going, and keep it separate from your card.
  • Write down the 16-digit number on your Visa card and keep it in a safe place separate from your card. The card number you will need to lock the card when its loss
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